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Monadian edalat talab Law Firm

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Monadian edalat talab Law Firm

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Criminal Lawsuits
Crimes, punishments and criminal proceedings
Civil Claims
Civil rights and obligations
Family Claims
Family rights and obligations
Real Estate
Land use, natural resources, etc...
Urban and municipal claims
Municipal commissions, urban land, etc...
Corporate Legal Affairs
Registration of companies and institutions, affairs of assemblies, etc...
Advocacy in international courts and the affairs of Iranians abroad, etc...
Commercial Claims
Tax, banking, insurance, customs, Cheques, promissory notes, transportation, etc...
Intellectual property claims
Inventions, brands and signs, scientific, literary and artistic rights, etc...
Internet Claims
Internet crimes, online transactions, computer law, etc...
Labor claims & employment affairs
Labor Office, disciplinary and employment commissions, etc...
Arbitration matters and related claims
Sports claims
Writing legal documents and contracts Commercial, civil, international and .... contracts.
Defense bills, lawsuits, complaints, Domestic and international contracts, etc....contracts.
Supreme Court
Affairs concerning the Supreme Court, the Court of Administrative Justice, Article 477, etc....
Residence & immigration
Types of migration and foreign investment , etc...

About Us

Monadian Edalat Talab Law Firm was established in 2013 by Dr. Shahriar Nasiri, a lawyer with more than twenty years of professional experience in the field of justice, in cooperation with a group of expert lawyers and university professors. With an outstanding record in solving a wide range of legal cases during the past years, the firm could gain public trust and expand its number of branches to 5, located in different districts of Tehran (Kashani, Janatabad, Fatemi, Haft Tir, Hakimiyeh). Since 2020, with joining of a proficient lawyer ,Mr. Mostafa Bikaran Behesht, to the firm’s board of directors, we could obtain the collective collaboration of professional lawyers and Law professors from Allameh Tabatabaei University, and improve the firm’s inside structure and processes to international levels, following the example of the world's top law firms such as Baker & McKenzie, Latham & Watkins, Allen & Overy, and Dentons (Dacheng). Today, Monadian Edalat Talab benefits from several specialized committees of lawyers, working under the supervision of the most experienced Iranian attorneys on the board with Dr. Shahriyar Nasiri as the Managing Director. Thanks to this professional body, the firm supports many local and international clients in solving diverse legal cases, writing contracts, setting the l documents, and offering other legal services. The firm has now a special place in the country and is recognized by international partners as a trusted law firm in Iran and we have the honor of cooperating with a large number of reputable law firms across the world.

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